Mon, 17 Jan 2005

Monday, January 17, 2005

Next puzzle (this is not Chris').
There are 3 doors and behind 1 door there's a prize. For the competition, you're asked to pick a door. After you pick a door, one of the 2 doors you didn't pick is opened and shown to have no prize behind it. You are then given the opportunity to switch to the unopened door or stick with the one you initially choose. Given that the prize doesn't change doors, what should you do to maximize your chance of picking the door with the prize. Should you switch, not switch or does it make no difference?

I'll publish the answer in a week or so.
Friday night was another big party with work people. Stayed at Trinity in Dickson until we got booted. I had way too much to drink and felt very sorry for myself the next day. Saturday we printed invites to the wedding. That night, Chris invited us around for dinner with Paul, Alli and Kelly. Chris gave me a good idea for the next puzzle to post, but I want to work it out (or at least, attempt to work it out) before I put it here. Sunday was a few random things, nothing special.

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