Fri, 31 Dec 2004

Friday, December 31, 2004

Got back into Canberra last night after staying in Hay for a night. Adelaide was fun but busy as usual and could have easily done with another week there. Brief run down, got lots of McLaren Vale wines, dinner with Brad and Tennille with virgin 5 year old Noritake Ivory Lace dinner set and shiny new house, Christmas breakfast with my folks and lunch with Jo's folks, usual Christmas eve in Hazelwood park, much painful driving around narrow Adelaide streets, more Barossa wines, riding Kraka's rebuild BMW R65 motorbike.
No New years resolutions. As with most things, I can't see the point in doing anything different just because of some arbitrary timing, although you can still all buy me presents to celebrate the earth being in the same position relative to the sun than it was when I was born. Similarly for some dude who lived 2005 odd years ago.
Anyway, in that spirit, we are celebrating NYE at Martin and Mel's (where I'm blogging from now). Mel is cooking her world famous Floor pie, which is otherwise known Choc Chip cookie pie. "Mmm, sacrilicious."

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