Mon, 13 Dec 2004

Monday, December 13, 2004

Google Suggest... great stuff!
Another long weekend. Went to Adelaide for my Great Uncle Gordan's 90th birthday. Saw John Howard on the way to the airport who was being tail gated by his security car. I understand that he needs security but it seemed that even a minor accident would have caused the security car to plow into his car, possibly causing more damage than any terrorist.
Had dinner Friday night with the Adelaide Hungers crew. Saw Duncan and Alex's lovely new home, met our photographer and celebrant and saw the wedding location. Our photographer does digital photos and I had to bite my tongue pretty hard (for fear of Jo killing me) when he started talking about copyright issues and why we couldn't have the raw picture files. Other than that, he seemed like a pretty good guy to do our photos. Our celebrant has only done 1 wedding before but is amazingly enthusiastic and really nice. She also has a great house and two lovely boys. She'll be great. The wedding location also looks as good as expected. All in all, it's coming along pretty well.

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