Thu, 02 Dec 2004

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Despite losing, we had a good game of netball last night. The opposition was really nice, the umpiring was OK and we made some good plays. Last season, we lost lots of games after moving up a division due to doing well the season before that. The season seemed doubly hard on team moral as we started to expect to win (after winning often), and we didn't win at all. It seems like only now are we starting to enjoy netball again, rather than enjoying winning.
Anyway, I also learnt a rule I didn't know (the hard way of course). If you fall over you have to stand up, without moving your feet, before passing the ball, all within 3 seconds.
Update:Yes, I updated this message, but before I noticed Rusty's post... but not before Jo pointed it out to me :-(

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