Mon, 29 Nov 2004

Monday, November 29, 2004

Quite busy weekend. Friday night I went out with some guys from work. We had some dinner by the lake and then headed into town for coffee. A full moon was out, so it was really nice by the lake. Saturday morning, Jo and I looked at some wedding decorations, then I picked up Andy on my R6 and took him for a brief ride to the Cotter and around Canberra. Later, we had him and Kerry around for dinner which was a good night other than both Jo and I feeling sick later on. We thought it may have been food poisoning, but Andy and Kerry were fine and we didn't have the same thing for lunch. Anyway, Sunday we had lunch with Martin and Mel then headed home to feel sorry for ourselves and practice raising one eyebrow (Mel bet me that I couldn't learn how to do it in 1 week).

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