Thu, 18 Nov 2004

Thursday, November 18, 2004

An interesting article on the lingering effects of jet lag. I would definitely say I was fuzzy for about a week after coming back from Europe. Jo also said she found it very hard to concentrate during the day when she went back to work, even 4 days after arriving home.
My lip didn't swell up much until about 24hours after the bee sting and then it started to swell. It's still not that big and it doesn't hurt.
I played netball on Tuesday for the Barflies. They are in a much higher division than the Blue Penguins who I usually play for on Wednesday. Anyway, the game was great even though it ended in a tie. Wednesday night's game was also pretty good this week. We managed to only lose by 4 which is pretty good since we usually lose by a factor of 4. As usual, Jo ran around like a mad woman. I was a goal shooter for a while until we realised was I doing well at getting set up for the shot, but missed every opportunity.

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