Fri, 27 Aug 2004

Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm doing some control theory design work at the moment. Different to my usual hardware R&D but still fun. I'm surprised at how much I remember from university about PID controllers and how to tune them, although I did brush up a few years back when I was contracted to UPS company. Seeing Machines has close links to the robotics lab at the ANU so I've found some people I can bounce ideas off, although I think our requirements are low enough that we can avoid having to get too funky with our design.
The beautiful Martin and Mel are back from their long trip, yay!!! They got me a "Beaver believer" hat... hehe.
I have a bunch of Google mail invites. If anyone wants one, email me. I hate web mail, but the Gmail interface makes it bearable.
Turns out that Dad got to drive the new Audi RS6 at Mallala aswell. With specs like 0-100KPH in 4.7 sec it's quite a beast.

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