Wed, 31 Mar 2004

Wednesday, March 31, 2004

The weekend was fun. Friday night was dinner at Paul and Alli's. Time flew by and it was midnight very quickly. Dinner was simple (but very yummy) as Alli's started work on Monday and, sensibly, was taking it easy.
Saturday I went to Anton and Jeremy's house warming. They have a great view of eastern Canberra including the airport and Queanbeyan.
Sunday I rode my push bike to work and back to see that it was like. To my surprise the ride home up the O'Connor ridge was not as bad as expected. I did run into a lot of people going to the Brumbies game at Bruce stadium which make life a little easier for me. Anyway, so Monday I decided to ride to work. It takes about 30 minutes to get here and 40 minutes to get home. There are some hilly bits but they are getting easier the more I do them (also rode today).
Last night I went rock climbing with the OzLabs crowd and Tony Breeds (one of the Perth LCA organisers in 2003 who is now in Canberra). I really enjoyed it although all muscles below my elbows are hurting today. The ride in this morning warmed them up again so it's too bad now. Stayed later than I expected to do a few extra climbs with Paul, but it seems to be a game of diminishing returns as your hands and arms die at the end of the night. We did get to see one guy go over the top which was pretty impressive. Jeremy was the best of our group and I was probably the worst. I blame my extra ballast and lack of reach (read short and fat).

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