Mon, 22 Mar 2004

Monday, March 22, 2004

The weekend was fun. Friday night we went to Martin and Mel's for dinner and a lively game of Pictionary. Lots of good wine and food and two Pictionary victories by the boys.
Saturday I did a little shopping for an upcoming wedding. Went for a walk around town with Jo and found some awesome looking apartments right in the city called Forum (I could easily walk to work at the ANU from where they are).
Sunday, I got up to discover an unhappy TiVo and (hence) Jo. Decided to ignore it and go for a ride to Batemans Bay. Took less than 2 hours each way and the last part up and down the Clyde mountain is as good as advertised although a little too much traffic to be really great. Very sore when I got home after be cramped on the bike for almost 4 hours in total but was all worth it.
Looks Like the TiVo problem due to the last OzTiVo image which is fixed in the new version, so looks like I'll be re-imaging.... again.

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