Mon, 08 Mar 2004

Monday, March 08, 2004

We didn't do much this weekend as last weekend was busy with Matt and Ben over and next weekend Jo's folks are over. Friday we watched a movie and got take-away. Saturday I played around with the TiVo, got my firewall working again and watch the GP in Melbourne. Saturday night, Paul and Alli came over for dinner and cards. We played 500 and Warlords & Scumbags. I spent most of the time trying to channel my fathers expert bridge skills (bridge is much like 500) without much luck. Sunday was another slow day with more TiVo hacking and GP watching. Managed to go for a ride for an hour or so but the weather set in and nixed that.
Today our new COO started. He's worked for many years as a senior manager in the evil empire in Australia. Seems to be a really nice guy.
Some portable devices, such as mobile phones, are limited in how small they can be because of the size of the human interfaces. Embedding a mini projector like this and a keyboard like the Canesta keyboard should solve this problem. Very neat.

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