Mon, 23 Feb 2004

Monday, February 23, 2004

No longer a week away...the air conditioning is back... yay!!!
Went to see Mystic River on Friday night with Martin and Mel. I thought it was a good movie although nothing mind blowing. It's directed by Clint Eastwood and has been nominated for 6 Academy awards. We also went to Montezuma's before hand which somehow managed to lose our booking, even though I made it only 2 hours before hand. Martin and I went through a jug of Margaritas which were on special for happy hour... very yummy.
Saturday was a minor amount of TiVo hacking to get my new Ethernet card working. Pretty easy, although I did managed to kill the guide data for a while, which took some time to restore.
Saturday night was a BBQ at Dennis' to celebrate his successful Lasik eye surgery.. any excuse for a party I guess.
Sunday, Jo and I went for a ride to the base of Mt Stromlo and then back around parliament house. You really notice the wind when you are riding a bike, especially in bends where you tend to use more road anyway. It was pretty windy Sunday, especially on the bridges over the lake, which was good experience for Jo.

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