Tue, 30 Aug 2005

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

After Steve's ride up stomolo the other day I thought I'd try it out. I did it the other day in 13:36 (ave 15.9Kph over 3.61Km) but after talking to Steven offline, I realised I was about 300m short of where he measured from and to.
So I tried again and this time put in a more effort. I managed to do the climb in 13.14 (ave 17.8Kph over 3.92km) which I was pretty happy with (over all ride was ave 27.1Kph over 29.64km). I managed to keep my heart rate at an average of 185bpm over the climb and 168bpm over the whole ride. Even on his "lackluster" ride I wasn't about to keep up with Steven but I would have been insight of him crossing the top. Yay!

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