Thu, 18 Aug 2005

Thursday, August 18, 2005

I thought I jump on the food reviewing band wagon and review the local eatery near work.
As it's affectionately called around work, Shiterina's, or Shiter's for short, (can you see where this review is going). It's the worst place within walking distance of work. Actually, it's just one rung up from Crissy's place (it doesn't have a nick name as no-one from work goes there more than once) where you are often served by a couple who seem to have live festering open boils on their faces, which at any minute look like they could become the extra little something on your custard tart.... not a pretty picture when you're about to have lunch.
Anyway, Shiter's has been slowly declining in all aspects from it's very shit state over the last year. Shiter's sells hot food (roasts, stews, rice, pasta, chips, pies, etc) and sandwiches (made on the spot or pre-made). The hot food was bearable initially, but it was always hit and miss. Then it became miss with the occasional hit, then it was all misses. Even the German guy at work, who loaded their hot food up with enough salt to double the weight of the original dish, had to admit defeat this week. Anyway, I gave up with their hot food about 6 months ago and started heading straight to the sandwich bar.
The sandwich bar I actually liked (except for the slow service, but we'll get to that). They had Italian bread rolls, the hard kind that leaves your gums bleeding after eating (that's the way I like them) and lots of fresh ingredients. My special was Italian roll, avocado, fresh chicken pieces, alfalfa, mung beans, cottage cheese and sweet chilli sauce. Very delicious and I must say, the sandwich artists regularly commented "That looks really yummy". Cost about $8.50 with an OJ. Reasonable value in this day 'n' age.
Unfortunately today's experience at the sandwich bar was somewhat disappointing. I noticed there were no Italian rolls in the display cabinet, but I asked if they had some anyway. The surly attendant (Sandwich artist he ain't) said sure, and then pulled some generic roll from below the counter and proceeded to slice it in half. I decided to let this slide. Then I gazed at the rest of the bar and to my amazement, there didn't seem to be any chicken, other than slices of chicken schitzel. So again I asked "err, um, is there any OTHER chicken?". "No" is the response, so alas that was my only option. Looking around further, there was also no cottage cheese, alfalfa or mung beans, so lets just say my sandwich ended up being a little more anemic than usual. On top of this, they decided to charge me almost $10 with my usual OJ mixer.
The service at Shiter's is also something to be marveled. It's a typical cafe, run by someone who has never bothered to attempt to optimize their customer service any more than by telling their staff to work harder. Service times can be anywhere from 30sec to 15mins and usually involved standing in multiple, ambiguously defined queues. The staff seem to be always busy doing things, but no one ever seems to be getting anywhere. All the staff perform all tasks so they are constantly getting in each others way and having to swap tasks (which is especially hygienic when going from money to food service).
So Shiter's gets a big thumbs down on the Neuling rating system. Enjoy.. or not.

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