Wed, 14 Dec 2005

Wednesday, December 14, 2005


I've been playing around with xplanet markers and the Real Time Cloud Map and to create a background that updates with timezones, weather and the movement of the Sun/Earth. I'm updating the background on my laptop every 10 min. The source markers file I create looks like this:
These get translated into xplanet markers containing the actual time in each location. I then run xplanet passing it the latest clouds image and markers file to produce the final result. A sample image is shown here.
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Last night I was getting my hair cut and my usual hair dresser said "I have some bad news, this will probably be the last time I cut your hair as my boyfriend got a job in Brisbane and I'm moving there with him".
To which I responded "Sorry to hear that. I guess being a hair dresser means that you easily find another job up there".
To which she responded "Yeah, true... and you know, the world is only getting more superficial, so there's always going to be plenty of work around for me".
I'm use to getting this type of argument from my left wing hippy friends, but not my hairdresser!?!? I'm definitely going to miss her.

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