Mon, 08 Aug 2005

Monday, August 08, 2005

I spent the weekend in Adelaide catching up with my folks and friends. It was Brad's 30th birthday party as well as my mothers birthday so it was a good time fly over. It's unlikely we'll see my folks until the end of the year considering our respective plans till then.
My plane arrived in Adelaide at 7pm Friday night and we were booked into Chianti Classico (one of my mum's favorite restaurants) for 7:30.
Brad's party was great which was helped enormously by Tennnille's planning (hopefully, this won't be the start of everyone trying to out do each other). They picked me up at around lunch time and we headed over they place. We did a few hours preparation but it was mostly pretty easy. People started rocking up at around 8pm.
Tennille prepared a video for us to watch of Brad's life. This contained hundreds of photos of his life as well as words people used to describe him. She also put together a book with nice things people had written about Brad and many of the photos from the video. A pretty amazing gift which would have taken weeks of work. The video kept everyone entertained for about 1/2 hour and educated me on a few things I didn't know about Brad. I also managed to catch up with the Hungers group still in Adelaide at the party.
Sunday I hung around with mum, taking Cherub for a walk and having a traditional Neuling weekend seafood meal at home. I took the late flight home which meant going via Melbourne prolonging the pain of sitting in small metal tube full of flu invested people.
I got a few responses to the puzzle last week. Thanks to the dork that anonymously posted the answer in the comments. BTW it's "liar" (if you're getting spelling tips from me, you're doing really badly).
Anyway, at least now I don't have to post an answer.

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