Mon, 27 Jun 2005

Monday, June 27, 2005

Jo and I went to see Hell on Wheels on Friday night. It's a documentary about the 2003 Tour De France which was the centenary race. Of course there was a larger number of bicycles parked out the front of the cinema. IMHO, the movie was OK, it started really well but didn't manage to keep up that level throughout the whole movie. It talked about the suffering that the riders go through but didn't show it that well. Did a little shopping after and grabbed a bite to eat a Milk and Honey. I ended up staying up late to install Ubuntu on my old laptop. Very easy to install but this is usually the case on older hardware. Sunday Paul and Alli came over for a pancake and muffin filled bunch. After they left I headed to Dennis' to help him with his MythTV install. I think I helped a little but we were mainly having problems with the binary ATI driver install.

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