Fri, 24 Jun 2005

Friday, June 24, 2005

Late last night before leaving work, one of the software engineers was having a problem with one of our cables and asked me to help fix it. After taking it apart the problem became obvious but it was late and I decided to leave it till today to fix it. So I wrote "Broken" on a post-it note and stuck it to the cable to ensure no one grabbed it and wasted any time using it, and threw the cable on the floor of my office (my desk was a mess as usual).
This morning I came in to find the cable missing. So I trundled out to manufacturing to see if one of the guys had seen the cable with post-it and decided to fix it for me. Alas, they had not touched the cable. So next, I send a message around the office asking if anyone had picked it up, then started wondering around to see if I could find it. Still no luck. I even called one of the staff, who was the only one in the office last night when I left, who was on her way to the US (but in Sydney airport still) but she didn't touch it either. So where the hell did it go? There's little possibility that it was stolen as there's a bunch of other stuff that would be far more useful than this broken cable.
So where has the stupid cable gone? The only plausible scenario left seems to be that the cleaner has thrown it away. The cable was marked broken and was sitting on the floor, coincidentally, next to my bin. I've checked the dumpster, but at around 10am it had already been emptied so (un)fortunately I wasn't able to rummage through a ton of garage to search for it. I've not been able to contact the cleaner either.

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