Sat, 26 Nov 2005

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Michael, Anton and I headed up to Andrea's folks place for Thanksgiving day. Thanksgiving is notoriously bad for traffic but we managed to make the 180miles to Dallas in 3 hours with almost no traffic issues.
Our Thanksgiving meal was much like my usual Christmas dinner in Australia. A sit down meal with loads of turkey and ham with a number of side dishes. We also got stuck into the wine with quite a few bottles emptied.
After dinner, Andrea and Nancy took us down to the GayLoad Texan (sorry Simmo, I couldn't get you a T-shirt) to have a few drinks and look around. Pretty amazing building.
We stayed the night in Andrea and Nancy's huge new trailer/caravan, then headed home. Fortunately, the traffic on the way home was also pretty light.
Many thanks to Andrea and Nancy, and to Andrea's family for looking after us so very well.
Anyway, enough with me rambling on, here's some photos.
Update: Michael's take on events.

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