Mon, 23 May 2005

Monday, May 23, 2005

Cherub has a blog... and in related news, Thali and Jedda now have RSS feeds.
Weekend report is a bit late this week. Friday night Mel organized to go see the Darters game at the AIS arena. They lost pretty badly. Hugh and I noticed some guy videoing the game with two identical handy cams mounted on a common base. After hypothesizing why he was doing it, we eventually went down and asked him after then game. Turns out they use the footage for replays for the coaches. It just gives them something extra when viewing it back (all those 1% gains make a difference). Afterwards we went to the Dessert Nazi cafe in Belconnen. Left promptly after the owner strapped on a microphone and started singing.
Saturday night went to the Belgium Beer Bar with some guys from work. Sunday morning was brunch with Paul and Alli.

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