Tue, 17 May 2005

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Saturday afternoon, Jo managed to come off her bicycle and do some decent damage to herself. She went over the handle bars at about 30kph and hit her head pretty badly. She also did some damage to her shoulder and lots of other cuts and bruises. We went to the hospital Saturday night to get her checked out. This was mostly precautionary as she hit her head pretty badly, but wasn't getting the brain injury symptoms. After feeling around her head and asking a bunch of questions, the doctor agreed and sent us home. Sunday she started feeling numb with pins and needles on her nose and below her eye (she hit her head above the eye with the helmet taking most of the impact). This continued yesterday, so she decided to go back to the hospital to get checked out again. She didn't mention the numbness during the first visit as she didn't notice it over the pain and ice. The doctors had a look at her (including a plastic surgeon) and decided that she was probably OK and hadn't broken anything but couldn't be sure since they'd not seen the symptoms before. The CT scanner was closed last night, so she went back today to get it scanned. The plastic surgeon had a look at the results and it turns out she has broken the bone below her eye. She has a crack which is effecting the nerve and causing the numbness. They don't need to do anything (like surgery), but she needs to rest (looking at a monitor will cause eye strain, so working is out) and be checked again in a couple of weeks. The numbness should die down in a week or so unless the nerve gets trapped.
Anyway, I'll be sure to post a photo of the nice juicy black eye she has sometime soon... and she'll probably write something on her blog.

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