Mon, 02 May 2005

Monday, May 02, 2005

Had a few beers after work with Paul on Friday to commiserate the loss of his US trip and hence my impending, yet to be decided where, move. Went to the Belgium Beer Bar in Kingston which seems to be part of the same chain as the one in Adelaide that I use to frequent. Anyway, great beer and I'll certainly be going back.
Saturday I rode up Mt Stromlo and around Belconnen. 55Km in total.
Saturday night, went to see Goose with Martin and Mel. Goose is a 15 piece soul/funk band (not usually my thing) from Adelaide. They are very big in size and sound and seem to have a lot of fun on stage. This was there first time in Canberra. They are fantastic live but I wouldn't bother buying their album as I'm sure it'd be nothing compared to their live performance. BCG may do a review but his opinion may be clouded by the amount of alcohol he consumed.
Sunday was pretty slow. Went for a 14Km ride with Jo but not much other than that.

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