Wed, 27 Apr 2005

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Lots of different stuff over the weekend. Friday night Mel was over as Martin was at the LCA dinner. Lucy called us so we could hear Martin sing "Yesterday's Knickers" for the talent quest. Also discovered a charity group selling Krispy Kreme donuts at JB HiFi when I was picking up dinner. Grabbed a box which disappeared very quickly.
Saturday Jo and I rode into town to buy some jumper for winter.
Sunday I went on the LCA bike ride. The below image is a screen dump from the ride from my GPS software. Caught up with Anton who is in town for a month or so. Also saw Geoffrey and Michael from LinuxSA who I've not seen since being in Canberra. Talked to Lucy who'd noticed I'd mentioned her name and BlokesWorld in the same sentence on my blog. I'm really sorry I mentioned Lucy and BlokesWorld in the same sentence. Lucy, I promise to never mention Lucy and BlokesWorld every again in the same sentence.
Sunday night we went to see Ross Noble with Martin and Mel. We all thought he was very funny.
Monday was pretty slow. Got a new shaver as my old one died. Shaver blades are a rip off. You can buy blades for $25 each or a new shaver for $75, which has 3 blades (plus the rest of a shaver).
PS. Lucy and BlokesWorld.
Kylie Minogue is the featured article on Wikipedia today.... humm...

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