Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Monday, April 18, 2005

I'd tried to fix the spoke on my wheel as, if they all start going, I'm going to be better off if I can do it myself. Also, Grant from work had one of the necessary tools. Anyway, no success. I read a couple of web pages on how to remove the cluster, but the instructions didn't work, or at least, resulted in me breaking a tool (not Grant's fortunately). So back to the bike store to get someone more capable than me to do it.
Also, Jo managed to loose her mobile on the weekend. Ended up finding it at the local IGA where it must have dropped out of her bag. Interesting lesson on PIN codes though. She had her mobile off so anyone who found the phone couldn't use it. This was good and bad. Good since if the phone was found by someone evil, we didn't end up with a giant phone bill. Bad since if the phone was found by someone nice, they couldn't look through the phone book and try to call home. Good example of why security is a trade off.
Spent Friday night with Mel as Martin was at band practice. Saturday night we had Paul and Alli over for dinner. They were getting geared up for LCA and were picking up numerous speakers over the course of the weekend. Having just come back from their long Europe trip and brief Adelaide trip, I think they'll be happy when it's all over and they can sleep again. Sunday ended up back at Martin and Mel's. Played some 2-on-2 netball which worked pretty well. Got breathe tested on the way home, which is a little nerve racking after you've had a couple of drinks. I though I was well under the limit (I wouldn't have been driving otherwise) but when I asked the officer what my reading was he smiled and said "It indicates you've had a drink".

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