Mon, 11 Apr 2005

Monday, April 11, 2005

Friday night Jo and I went to the Green Herring using a voucher given to us for our wedding. Great food and you must leave room for dessert. I don't think Jo and I can eat as much as we use to, so we almost didn't make it through everything.
Jo bought a new bike on Friday, so we went for a ride into town on Saturday. Got some new stuff for the house (with more gift vouchers from the wedding) and sat in Starbucks for a while and read.
Sunday I rode my bike up Mt Stromlo. I managed to break another spoke which makes 0 broken spokes for the first 15 years of owning my bike, then 2 in a week. Maybe I'm getting to strong for my bike :-)
Sunday night caught up with Simmo who just got back from 7 months in Asia. Thankfully (I think) he's still same lovable character. Ended up at The Phoenix having a few beers till later in the night. Got home and decided to watch the start MotoGP race (first of the year). Of course, this resulted in me watching the whole race, but it was well worth it for the last lap duel between Rossi and Gibernau.
Third time lucky with our coffee machine. First one leaked badly. The second one had a broken plastic water container. Third one will be tested tonight. This time for sure!

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