Wed, 02 Mar 2005

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

So, Mikey has asked me a number of times if I want to do a guest entry for his blog, and I keep saying yes, but have only just gotten around to actually writing something down! I have been contemplating exactly what one should write as a guest blogger and I have come to the following conclusion – most of the people reading this don’t know me, so they won’t want to know about what I did on the weekend! So, I figured I should clarify anything that Mikey has written about me in his blog already (thereby explaining a bit about who I am!) and also write some stuff about Mikey!

Firstly, I am the "Mel who cooked up a storm as usual" – while this is kind of true, it is also kind of not true! I love to cook, so I tend to go a bit mad sometimes when people who appreciate it are coming for dinner! :-) Although it scares me a bit when I cook something I consider to be easy, average or mundane and people get very excited about it... Strangely, I seem to experience this fairly regularly – these also seem to be the occasions where Martin says that whatever I have cooked is better than eating dirt! (Yes I am also Mel of "Mel and Martin"!) I guess Martin is a little spoilt when it comes to food! So, Mikey has fallen in love with my Chocolate Chip Cookie pie – or floor pie as it is also known (this is not because it fell on the floor!!)... We were a bit concerned at one point that he might try and get it mentioned in the wedding vows! But as I have told Mikey, I am now over the pie and am on the hunt for a new dessert recipe to wow him with!

So, here's what I know about Mikey - he is funny, silly, sweet and caring - all at the same time... He and I are very similar and we can sit and giggle at something really silly for a very long time... we can bounce stupid comments off each other so fast it is like watching a mens final at Wimbledon! But the main thing I know about Mikey is that he likes to be the centre of attention, and I know that the main idea behind inviting someone to write a guest blog entry for him is to get more people to look at him! So, I will end with the obligatory phrase - "look at Mikey, look at Mikey, look at Mikey"!!
I've been trying to convince some people to guest blog for me. Looks like I've pestered someone enough that it was easier for them to just say yes... watch this space.
Mattie called Jo and I last night from Córdoba to wish us luck for the wedding. It was great to hear his voice. Sounds like he's struggling with the language and having to fight off hoards of South American beauties but he seems to be up for the challenge. Good luck Mattie!

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