Tue, 22 Feb 2005

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I've been meaning to put together a list of Adelaide wineries that Jo and I like, for friends coming to the wedding. I'll attempt to update page as necessary.
A bit of background info first. Jo and I both like dark and heavy reds (usually Shiraz). Jo likes whites (usually Chardonnay) more than me. We both like sweet whites both sticky desert and lighter dryer varieties. Both stay clear of fortified wines as a general rule. Jo and I tend to buy wines based on value for money so going wine tasting an excellent way for us to buy wines.
Beautiful location and great cellar door, best in the Barrossa. They don't sell their wines outside of cellar door so it a must do if in the area. They have some pretty awful labels on their wines but don't let that turn you off.
GMB: great red. Excellent value $23
Sweet whites: They have about 3 different types. All are relatively dry and wouldn't be consider desert wines. Great for picnics and day's ending in the letter 'y'.
Sabel port: Chocolate port! Port is something Jo and I usually steer clear of but this is just yummy.
Another nice cellar door. Hard to go passed without trying. They have a huge range but unfortunately you can't taste the Grange, St Henri or Bin 707 without paying. The rest of the wines are pretty nice but probably a little over priced. That being said, you can never go too badly wrong with a Penfold Bin .
Great wines but somewhat over priced. Also a long drive from most of the other wineries in the area. We did get a nice stick dessert wine there last time which was nice for the price.
Orlando: Jacobs Creek:
McDonalds of the Barrossa. Their cellar door has plasma screens and bus parking. Wines are pretty cheap but also pretty ordinary. The Gramps desert wine is nice.
Grant Burge:
Lovely setting and nice wines. I've not been there in a while but I remember taking a liking to some of the reds.
Peter Lehmann:
Lovely setting and nice wines. We usually go here when in the Barrossa as they always have some nice wines and are close to Richmond Grove. I believe a Day on the Green is held here.
Richmond Grove:
Lovely setting and nice wines. I've not been there in a while but I remember taking a liking to some of the reds. Within walking distance of Peter Lehmann.
St Hallets:
Great winery with some excellent value wines. Location setting is pretty ordinary but cellar door is nice inside. Another winery to try all the wines and find something that takes your fancy at the right price. Only been here once, but will return often.
Faith Shiraz: nice heavy red. Fairly pricey as I remember but worth the money.
McLaren Vale:
Wirra Wirra:
Lovely cellar door, recently renovated but has kept it's character. Pretty expensive but excellent quality wines. Tasting is now done with Riedel glasses which only adds to the great experience. My favorite in Mclaren Vale.
RSW: one of the best reds in the country. Jo and I have a bunch of these as the corner stone of our wine collection. $46
The Angelus: great red but the RSW is better for the price. $46
Church block: great casual dinner red. $20.
Scrubby Rise Chardonnay: Jo always likes these.
Lovely cellar door. Huge range of wines from cheap to very expensive. Wines seem to change each vintage so it's always worth going back. You can often find wines that are great quality for a low price. Last time found the High Trellis vintage a fantastic wine for the price. Some nice sweet whites and reds as well.
Chapel hill:
Again another lovely cellar door. Some nice wines. Not a huge range and a little out of the way.
Fox Creek:
Never been here but have been meaning to. Have it on good work they have some nice wines.
Penny's hill:
Another great setting although inside the cellar door is a little cheap. Wines are OK but nothing to write home about.
Great wines and well worth the drive to Mclaren Flat to try.
Went here since it was close to d'Arenberg. Lovely setting and would like to say the wines are nice but..... Wouldn't bother next time.

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