Thu, 02 Mar 2006


Some snippets from the land of

Dunedin was fun. There are some photos here.
One particular night, we went out to a bar to grab some beers (this was regular (read: every night) occurance during the conf). We ended up standing outside but then a bouncer came up and said we had to have a seat if were to remain outside. So, while we were gathering out thoughts, the bouncer also said "Hey, are you guys at that Linux conference?".
"Yeeeaah?" we replied.
"Well, I'm studying and I use Debian all the time!" he said back, much to our amusement. We talking to the bouncer for a while longer as we started to head inside.
Then over came another bouncer who was a huge scary looking guy. He comes up and says "Hey, I'm a Debian user too!". Hence we now have The Depricator! (see picture)

The current Liberal government is nuts!

Some CControl stuff happening. I have a Mercurial repo here, if you want to try my additions and merges with other people. I'm starting to get into Mercurial which is great for a distributed project like this.

That's pretty much it for now. For all the stuff I've missed, checkout Bruce's boyfriend's blog.

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