Sun, 24 Jun 2007

Howard Politics

Kristy, I completely agree that something needs to be done to stop the abuse of children. My point was about politics and process, not the policy itself.

What I do object to is the way in which Mr Howard is using this issue for political purposes. If he really considers this a national emergency, relevant leaders would have been consulted - or at least notified - of the policy prior to any announcement. Instead, Mr Howard attempted to get agreement from leaders while they learnt of his plan under media scrutiny. Doing this serves only one purpose, to paint him as a strong leader and put other leaders on the back foot. That is not about helping the children, its about winning an election.

In response to a couple of criticisms:
  • After 'children overboard' and locking kids up in detention centres for years, I don't think its wise to *trust* that Mr Howard's policy will be implemented in a way that is far better than how it initially sounds.
  • Yes, as a society we pay for child abuse. We also pay for racism, governmental overreaching and political manipulation.
  • Questions that this policy could cause long term damage for indigneous Australians, and possibly perpetuate the abuse of children, deserve decent answers - not spin.

    Also, just how regularly do need to blog to avoid having to show taste and insight? :-P

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