Thu, 22 Dec 2005

Why use ccontrol..

ccontrol is great! Here are some reasons why (in dot points, 'coz everything is better in dot points!):
  • It's very easy to setup. It even does auto probing of your network to find distcc hosts.
  • You can use it to compile any package without the need to screw around with Makefiles etc. Just type make everywhere you want to compile
  • It's been tuned it so that interactive performance on your local machine is not compromised during compiles.
  • I used crosstool to install the 64 POWERPC GCC cross compiler on my x86 laptop. I didn't need to do anything special to get it to work under ccontrol, just downloaded crosstool and build as usual.
  • I can now build 64bit POWER Linux kernel on my laptop without playing with Makefiles or even having to specify any parameters to make (even ARCH=). This also uses distcc as you'd want. ccontrol works out what you want based on the directory name.
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