Fri, 02 Jun 2006


Jo and I headed to Adelaide for Kristy and Paul's Wedding. It was a really nice civil service held in the Adelaide hills at the Chain of Ponds winery. I've put some photos up here.

I've went up to Sydney to do a short 2 day training course. I managed to catch up with MBP and Steph who are now living in St Lennerds in North Sydney. Steph suggested that we went to RedOak for dinner which was excellent. Highly recommended.

Along with Anton, I spent the majority of May in Austin working with our team over there. I managed to catch up with most of the crew over there. Todd took us out water skiing a couple of times on Lake Travis. Went to a Mr Sinus Show at the Alamo Draft house downtown where they serve you beer and food while commentating B-rate movies. Also went to a live music show at Antone's with BCG. Overall a good and thoroughly productive trip, although it's great to be home again.

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