Mon, 20 Jun 2005

Monday, June 20, 2005

Our new place has a bunch of Ethernet ports in the walls, so over the weekend I set about trying to work out what they do. I thought they'd be point to point links but no. It turns out that every port is connected to an access point buried somewhere in the walls of our apartment. The access point even serves up DHCP requests and has a web browser built in (simple page just asking for a password). An nmap TCP fingerprint scan reports "SMC barricade wireless/Ethernet/DSL router" (from memory). The Ethernet port next to the TV only works (gives Ethernet activity) with a cross over cable and doesn't serve DHCP request so this is probably sitting on the access point port that normally connects to the DSL modem and runs PPPoE. So anyway, it's somewhat interesting. I need to get an 802.11 wireless card so I can checkout signal strength and potentially determine which wall the access point is located.

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